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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2017 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d. w. dot com. this is date of leaders life from delhi and will it be four times in a row i'm going to america they german chancellor has cast her vote in the country's national elections opinion polls show she's likely to remain in office and then shall the job losses show riding high there's got into today trailing badly. after day the nationalist parties on course to add to parliament for
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the first time so with that name of german politics. in other news north korea ups the ante against the united states gone yonks foreign minister tells the us on attack on america's mainland is now inevitable they say after u.s. bombers fly close to north korea in an unprecedented show of force. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program germans have been voting in national elections today early indications show a higher turnout than in twenty thirty four than sixty one million people eligible to german chancellor angela merkel cast her vote in the afternoon and she's widely expected to win a fourth term give her conservatives a comfortable late but it's likely she'll have to form a coalition with at least one other a main challenger
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a social democrat leader mohsen shall cast his vote. they don't lose common doubts backers at a polling station in knowing call the district of baghdad with a high level of immigration welcome common what's turnout been like so far i feel yeah i'm sitting in a come the polling station in the elementary school and of course we have no official numbers yet for the turnout but what we know it's a slightly bigger turnout than four years ago and we've been talking to a lot of people here and they say hey we have reg lead that we have to chance to make our vote that we can vote for parties a lot of them don't know really what they were voting for and they were make their choice in the last minute but the response we get here is that they're really glad to make their vote in all or to also to avoid far right parties like the f.t. i want to show people they're most concerned about well people are
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concerned about the education you know young lots of young families and cohn and they say hey the parties have to in west. in education and of course house of the voters the average the average age is fifty two they're worried about their pensions do they still have enough money after they stop working and of course the migration crisis is a big topic over year two people are worried about the future of germany what happens if the f.t. gets too many votes so they're worried about what's what's going on in this country is going too far to write. there are lots of undecided voters this year somewhere between thirty and forty percent you've been speaking to people that one of undecideds been telling you. yeah the response of the voters here is that
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they it was difficult for them to decide because they said all the big parties like city consider you and shills as pretty as too close to each other the campaigning was too close like merkel slogans wars for bad germany shorts complain slogan was for a better germany and a good future so they don't distinguish too much from each other and people don't know hey what's the difference between c.d.u. and s.p.d. so merkel said you win more rights to the to the stand too and so people say also say that all the small parties they need votes too so we're here to make our vote and the most of them said that we want a wife that the f.t. gets too many votes a common thousand in the balance thank you so c.d.u. c.s.u. they search will democrats slated to be the two largest party is the right for the first place is out but it's just opinion polls indicate that it's likely to go to
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the far right alternative for germany if reality bears out those protections and they will be the first far right party went to the bundestag for decades their opposition to migrants and islam would also shake up the political consensus. f.t. election posters leave little to the imagination new germans will make those ourselves read this one because as this slogan we're into bikini's if there were any doubts about the alternative on offer it islamophobia and anti immigrant stop islamification vote you have to be reads this post or i suppose a threat posed by islam in migrants has been a key campaign message for the league candidates. politicked often and open borders the indiscriminate admission of people from other religions and cultures poses a grave threat to my civil liberties to the civil liberties of homosexuals and above all to the civil liberties of our still free society films on off fired as
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aircraft pilots vitalism economist who lives with a lesbian partner a swiss woman of sri lankan origin together they've adopted two children although i have to the policy clearly states that a family needs a mother and a father vital even criticised the german government for introducing same sex marriage a running mate alexander garland is a founding f.t. member he's drawn condemnation for racist statements about what tank a black soccer player who helped clinch the twenty fourteen world cup for germany people think he's a good footballer down and set last year but they don't want to what tang as a neighbor. the a.s.d. hasn't always been a far right populist party and you come out to the german political scene it was founded just four years ago back then it was a single issue set up campaigning against the euro and germany's contribution to the e.u. bailout fund for greece it's almost got elected to the bundestag in twenty thirteen
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but ended up just shy of the five percent needed. but the f.t.c. electoral fortunes changed when chancellor merkel declared germany's borders open at the height of the migration crisis. the party has transformed itself at an incredible speed into a right wing extremist party with nationalist elements so in that respect it's a challenge for all democrats for the fall of democrat. wherever merkel went during the campaign she was booed by f.t. hecklers with a party in the bundestag should be facing vocal far right opponents from the opposition benches. following the revelations of a russian interference in last year's american elections experts that expected germany to become the kremlin's next target expecting a flood of russia inspired inflammatory fake news stories on social media however the online of soldiers come from
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a different more unexpected front social media editor janet reid welcome jarrett what have you been saying well phil one of the biggest threats to the german election online hasn't come from russia or as you said it's actually come from the united states and i'm talking about american right wing activists we've seen examples of them posting things on forums like four chan now four chan is a forum that sort of haven for conspiracy theorists and people with more extreme views let's take a look at example from four chan this thread is dedicated to boosting the far right alternatif in germany party or the i f j we can see a bunch of tools here for influencing the election like links to videos talking points and maims attacking rival parties there are also links to things like how to create fake profiles to infiltrate other policies and even a link to donate money directly to the alternative for germany so there's a really concerted effort across the atlantic to rile up the far right verges here
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in germany in their fifties campaign itself this is also being fueled by a controversial ad agency that's right so they last month they hired an ad agency called harrison media and they're based in texas and known for their campaigns for us president donald trump prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel and you keep in britain here in germany there behind one of the i.f.t. latest websites called the idle or the break in english it paints uncle americal as having betrayed the german people claiming she broke her youth to protect the country and blames her for the victims of past terrorist attacks and her open door policy to refugees for taxing german taxpayers so i feel we don't know whether things like this you know will translate into more votes for the f.d.a. i guess that's something we'll have to wait a few more hours yet to see janet thank you so much. of course data
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is going to be bringing you a full coverage throughout the day with the latest developments as they happen you can also follow us on line dot com and there's plenty of content on our facebook page and on twitter look for the hash tag germany get involved tell us what you think. now north korea's foreign minister has said that an attack on the u.s. mainland is inevitable just hours after u.s. bombers so close to the north coast both sides of increased tensions over john young's nuclear program this week using speeches at the u.n. general assembly to deliver some remarkable verbal blows earlier this week u.s. president donald trump took to the podium and threaten to destroy north korea now it's gone youngster. foreigner for the second time this week the united nations podium was used to ratchet up the rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea pyongyang's top diplomat really young who slammed the u.s. president as a mentally deranged megalomaniac. money president trump himself
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is the one on a suicide mission. in the case that innocent u.s. lives are lost because of this suicide attack trump will be held totally responsible. just hours earlier u.s. air force b. one b. bombers flew further north along the korean coast than ever before this century the pentagon described the flight in international air space as a show of resolve and the military options at hand for north korea all the more reason to pursue its nuclear program at the u.n. foreign minister re defended it as the necessary answer to u.s. aggression. the only response to violence is violence we will oppose the nuclear weapons of terror any with the nuclear weapons of justice. president trump took to twitter in response to reserve dress writing that really
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a north korean leader kim jong un whom trump calls a little rocket man won't be around much longer trump didn't spell out the substance of this threat. at the u.n. really also had harsh words for china and russia he accused the nuclear powers of offering irresponsible support for the u.s. with their economic sanctions hitting ordinary north koreans hard. these powers only want to defend their monopoly on nuclear weapons. meanwhile up to one hundred thousand people joined an anti american rally in the north korean capital on their banners a pledge to defend their leader with their lives. so mr trump pass a pick to a new fight this time with some of his own countries of biggest sports stars it began by lashing out at a football football players who refused to stand during the national anthem in
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protest against police violence against african americans would you love to see one of these. when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that off the field right there oh yes by the way. but the president also took on the world's biggest basketball players steve stephan curry of the golden state warriors he hinted that he would forego a time honored tradition of visiting the white house to celebrate his team's championship title in protest at trump trump fired back by tweeting out going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team stephan curry is hesitating therefore invitation is withdrawn. but the trump may just have picked a fight he can't win several n.b.a. stars have jumped to currys defense and brown james of the cleveland cavaliers has hit back calling the president a bum on twitter it was no longer an all he said to visit with trump in the white house los angeles lakers legend kobe bryant resurfacing from retirement with they
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slam dunk of the tweet president whose name alone creates division and anger whose words inspired dissension and hatred cannot possibly make america great again thousands of athletes have taken to the streets of germany's capital for today's burly marathon late run a set off ahead of the forty four thousand others but foggy damp conditions and moisture made it to tough for big time for the top male athlete aiming to break the world record of just earned two hours three minutes in fact the last six months record setting time for the big four in berlin and usa and choke a cape coast that missed the record he's the patrick flattish. has just won the big . has your mind you're not help still out germany is voting in a general election expected to hand a fourth term to chance and i'm going to battle you went into today's election with
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a double digit lead over her main challenger martin schultz the sentence after social democrats meanwhile the far right a.f. date is set to make history by winning its first seats in the punched. folk of rage that cross the die here on that day w you'll also find a song on the line at the w dot com and on twitter and facebook as well i'll have wolfie at the top of the hour of the day. she.


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